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Design Process

This flip book below shows you in more detail the stages that I go through when I design my bespoke cakes. If you browse through this cake design flip book it will give you an insight into what to expect if you ask me to design and create a wedding cake or special occasion cake for you. This is an example of one of my quirky wedding cake creations.

I look forward to hearing what you would like me to create for you.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

I aim to design and create each of my cakes to fit with the client’s celebration and their desires. The process often begins with an initial contact at a Wedding show, via my website, by email or telephone. At this stage I will establish what the event is, when and where it is to be held and a rough idea of what the client has in mind. Sometimes my clients are completely open minded and are happy to be led by my suggestions. From this initial discussion I can usually provide a rough sketch and quote to see if this fits with the client’s ideas and budget.

I first came in contact with Beccy and Chris through my Iced Magic Facebook page. They had decided that they would like to have a real statement wedding cake and chose Alice in Wonderland as the theme for their wedding. The wedding breakfast was to be based around the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and so a bold cake was called for.

Beccy and I had some very enjoyable discussions to decide which elements from the story it was important to include in the design. She was going to have bright pink Gerberas as her main wedding flower and so this was the obvious choice as the dominant colour.

I suggested that red and black should also be included as these were the colours of a hand painted ‘Queen of Hearts playing card’ which was another feature of the design. Other colours from the story book to be incorporated in the design were the blue of Alice’s dress and the gold of the White Rabbit’s pocket watch.

The wedding was to be quite a large affair and so I designed a cake based on 3 round tiers which were asymmetrical so that when stacked they produced a wonky main cake. These three tiers were then topped with a round cake which was iced to represent the Mad Hatter’s hat. This meant that they had plenty of cake to serve all their guests and the option to have a number of different flavours.

I came up with a few design ideas and emailed them to Beccy and Chris for them to discuss. This process continued over a number of weeks as the design slowly evolved. As well as Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter they wanted to include the time and date of their wedding. This was achieved by showing their wedding time on the pocket watch and the date on the price tag in the band of the hat.

Little touches in the design which help to pull the whole creation together are things such as echoing the spots on the toadstools and teapot in the beading which I created around the lower tiers.

The White Rabbit was also dressed as he is usually depicted, though I did alter the colours of his clothing to fit with the chosen colour palette for the cake. As often happens with this type of cake I often add little extras details, in this case the tiny watch chain on the Rabbit’s waistcoat and the little teapot in the Mad Hatter’s hands. I aim at my cakes being fabulous from a distance whilst including added details which become apparent on closer inspection.

The final creation as you can see from the images was a very striking cake. The playing card made from icing was painstakingly hand painted with the Queen of Hearts design. I spent quite some time checking how Alice and the Mad Hatter are usually dressed in both the original illustrations from the book and also more recent examples. This enabled me to create two very detailed models.

This cake was a total pleasure to create and I know that Beccy and Chris were delighted with their bespoke wedding cake which was the centrepiece and talking point at their wedding reception.

They also sent me a lovely thank you note which you can see on the next pages.

I hope that this has given you a little insight into how I go about designing my cakes, and I look forward to hearing what you would like me to create for you.

Photographs by kind permission of Lightroom Photography.